Artificial Intelligence art is a new and exciting field that is quickly gaining popularity. AI is doing a lot good and will continue to provide the benefits, but along with the good, one has to face the bad consequences too. There is a dark side of AI art that is often overlooked.

In recent years, AI has become more and more famous in the world art. Some people believed that AI will eventually replace human artists altogether. Legendary physicist Stephen said ” the development of Artifical intelligence could spell the end of human race”,

However, AI has a darkside with it. In this article we will explore the dark side of AI art and how it impact the world in a negative way.

Here are some examples of the bad side of AI.

1.Bias :

One of the dark side of AI is biased opinions. Since, AI algorithms are developed by humans,it could possible that it can have a build-in bias opinions by those who introduce them into the algorithm. For example if an AI system is trained to reflect a data on the racial or gender bases, then it could make decisions that perpetuate those biases. The developers and businesses should take greater care to avoid creating biased and prejudice opinions that may put minority populations at risk.

2.Job Loss :

As AI systems become more advanced, they can complete the task which were previously done by humans. This creates a situation of Job displacement. There will be jobs which people do today, will take over by machines in future. This will require changes to training and education programs to prepare new future workforce as well as curent workers transition to new positions that will utilize their human capabilities. And while this is true that AI will create 97 million new jobs by 2025, many employees won’t have the skills which is needed for these jobs.

Even professions that require graduate and post graduate degrees aren’t immune to AI displacement.

3.Privacy Concerns:

One of the dark side of the AI system is that it can collects personal data which raises privacy concerns. The collected data could be used for untrustworthy purposes, such as identity theft or surveillance.

4.Not transparent:

There can be complexities and difficulties in understanding the AI system. This can make it difficult to identify and address the problems that may raise. This lack of transparency can destroy the trust in AI system and their decision making.

5.Cybersecurity crimes:

One of the biggest concerns with the use of AI in cybersecurity is the potential of attackers to use AI power tools to attack the public. For example, attackers could use machine learning algorithms to analyze the data of their targets and develop effective phishing campaigns thay can evade detection.


Hackers can use AI algorithms to create automated tools that can scan networks, identify vulnerabilities, and launch attacks without human intervention. This allows hackers to launch attacks at a much faster pace than before.

7.Social manipulation:

One of the dark side of AI is social manipulation. This fear becomes a reality in today’s life as AI system is being used by politicians to manipulate social media platforms to spread misinformation, promote their point of view, fake news and the propaganda.


AI system can be used to create the deepfake videos, audios and images that can use for evil-minded purposes such as political manipulation or blackmailing. Online media and news have become even murkier in light of deepfakes infiltrating political and social spheres. The technology makes it easy to replace the image of one person to another just in a picture or video.

“Noone knows what’s real and what’s not ” said Ford.

9.Privacy invasion:

AI systems used to collect the vast amounts of data about individual public, which could used by the hackers and the problem of privacy invasion could raises.

10.Autonomous weapons powered by AI:

Technologies are being advanced for the purpose of warfare. And when it comes to AI, some are keen to do something about it before it’s too late. Because of the proliferation of potent and complex weapons, some of the world’s most powerful nations have given in to anxieties and contributed to a tech cold war.

Many of these new weapons could put civilians into risks, but the danger becomes amplified when these autonomous weapons fall into the wrong hands. Hackers have mastered various types of cyber attacks, so it’s not hard to imagine,how worse this situation could be.

It’s important to recognize and address these potential dangers and concerns as AI continues to become more integrated into our lives. Ethical considerations and responsible use should be the responsibility of AI developers, policymakers, and society as a whole.

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