ChatGPT is the latest buzz in tech town. OpenAI released the ChatGPT for public beta testing on November 30, 2022. It’s free to use while in beta. This release contains a basic chat interface where you can ask the bot questions and it provides answers. But, I am sure as the model evolves, you will be able to do a lot more than just chat. However, what is surprising is the way it responds, which is so human-like.

ChatGPT was trained rigorously till 2021 with a variety of data available on the internet written by humans including their conversations. So the responses are quite human-like. It has a lot of knowledge of many things except for current affairs as it is not designed to browse the internet for the latest information.

It is still in the nascent stages and some of the responses provided may be inaccurate. So do not rely 100% on the information provided. Now let’s see how we can interact with ChatGPT.

Start ChatGPT

Navigate to beta testing site and create an account. Fill up the basic personal info it asks about you and you should be ready.

ChatGPT registration screen
ChatGPT registration screen

Once inside the chat screen, you can start asking around questions about any topic you can think of. I recommend playing around to know its true potential.

Capabilities of ChatGPT

What it won’t do

However, remember it cannot answer current affairs questions beyond 2021 and doesn’t recommend discussing something nasty. It will politely refuse your request or recommend a better way of dealing the things.

Questions about current affairs beyond 2021 aren't updated in ChatGPT
Questions about current affairs beyond 2021 aren’t updated in ChatGPT


It’s still too early to say how the project will look in the future. But sure enough, it has a lot of potential to pose a big challenge to Google and others. They currently lack an API that allows them to interact with other applications. We will have to wait a little longer to see the actual use cases when they are live.

Note: Keep in mind that they are collecting information from your interactions to train the system better. So don’t enter any sensitive data while chatting.

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